Scientific Atlanta Explorer Remote IR Window

Problem: I wanted to be able to use one remote and DVR on two televisions in two different rooms.

Solution: Run an HDMI cable and remote infrared module to the second television.

Warning: This is not easy to do so I would not recommend it if you have not soldered small components before... If you would like to add a remote infrared module to your entertainment system there are plenty of package deals available on the market for about $50-$200. Search Google

Parts List:

  • QTY (1) - 1/8" Stereo Panel-Mount Audio Jack Radio Shack
  • Some Wire
  • IR Receiver with 1/8" Stereo Plug
I had the IR Receiver with 1/8" stereo plug in the my garage and used that.... It worked great from 3 feet away but beyond that it did not work at all. So I surfed the web and found a new IR receiver, 56 kHz. (Model TSOP34156) and ordered it from  After I soldered in the new component, it works from over 20 feet away.
The short version of what I did was this...
1) CAREFULLY disassemble the 8300HDC to the point you can access both sides of the circuit board that has the IR receiver; just to the left of the clock. On mine I needed a "security key" that can be purchased at most hardware stores.

2) Once I gained access to the solder points for the IR I had to determine which point was signal, ground, and power using a multi-meter. If you are unsure of how to do this I would not recommend even starting this project.

3) I solder one lead wire to each of these points and ran them to the location on the rear of the box where I mounted my stereo panel mount jack.

4) When soldering the wires to the panel jack please be sure you correctly map the wire to your specific IR receiver with the stereo jack.

5) Put it all back together and see how it works.
I know this are short instructions but most of it is intuitive.

High Resolution Images
Here are some photos of the dis-assembled box. HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES

IR Extender
If you don't want to go through all this trouble... There are also USB IR Extenders for the 8300HD and 8300HDC you can purchase. IR EXTENDERS